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    The Bauhaus Series by Meyer is a unique collection of cookware that combines market leading design and functionality. For over 50 years Meyer has been at the forefront of engineering and designing culinary excellence by creating products that are aesthetically pleasing without sacrificing quality.

    Featuring sleek lines and a minimalist design, the Bauhaus Series is sure to make a statement in any home. But it’s not just about looks – these products are backed by Meyer’s commitment to quality and durability, meaning they will stand up to years of use. So whether you’re a whiz in the kitchen or just starting out, the Bauhaus Series by Meyer is the perfect choice.

    Made to last years —
    not months

    #As compared to Meyer Skyline II Series

    Tough nonstick withstands
    25,000 scrubs*

    Cheap is bad? Not necessarily. Bauhaus nonstick can withstand as many as 25,000 scrubs*, while most brands' nonstick starts deteriorating considerably earlier at the same price.

    * Based on the Meyer Wet Abrasion Test,
    designed to replicate cleaning at home.

    Deeper body with
    taller sidewalls

    Handles more saucy deliciousness
    than other standard frypans

    Stacking tempered glass lid

    With a stay-cool stackable knob, our break-resistant lid nests with others of its kind


    Nonstick finish on rivets and rims

    Prevents stains and burnt, stuck food

    Comfortable handle design

    Stays cool to the touch

    Fully protected surface

    Zero exposed aluminum prevents corrosion

    Works everywhere
    even induction
    Up to 180°C/350°F