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    Introducing Meyer Midnight Series, designed by Meyer Labs

    Non-toxic and made without PFOA, the Meyer Midnight Series is a must have for your kitchen. With its 3-layer ultra reinforced ceramic nonstick and scratch-resistant extra hard Black Alumite construction, the long-lasting design of the Meyer Midnight Series is not only durable, but also aesthetically pleasing with a sleek matte black exterior finish.

    Our Meyer Midnight Series cookware has been honoured with the prestigious iF Design Award for 2023 - and we hope you love cooking with Midnight Series as much as we do!
    Tough nonstick reinforced
    by Black Alumite
    With dramatically improved durabiity
    Long-lasting design
    3-layer, ultra
    ceramic reinforced
    extra hard Black
    Alumite material
    Sleek matte black
    exterior finish
    We've invented
    Black Alumite Technology
    Black Alumite is a superhard material that is 8 times harder than regular aluminum and twice as hard as stainless steel. Its hardened, textured surface significantly strengthens nonstick bonding, creating a nonstick finish that lasts and lasts.
    1Image may not be an exact representation of the surface at microscopic level.
    Made for heavy-duty use
    Nonstick withstands 80,000 scrubs*
    * Based on the Meyer Wet Abrasion Test, designed to replicate cleaning at home.

    Fast, even cooking

    Energy-efficient induction base heats up quickly and evenly

    Cleans in a flash

    Durable nonstick makes cleanups easy and quick

    Deeper body with taller sidewalls

    Gives you plenty of space to cook compared to standard frypans

    Flared rim design

    Pour liquids with ease in a smooth, drip-free way


    Nonstick finish on rivets and rims

    Prevents stains and burnt, stuck food

    Comfortable handle design

    Stays cool to the touch

    Fully protected surface

    Zero exposed aluminum prevents corrosion

    Works everywhere,
    even induction
    Up to 180°C/350°F