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    Meet the Team Behind Meyer Labs: Women’s Edition

    Meet the Team Behind Meyer Labs: Women’s Edition


    At Meyer Labs, we believe that great team work and great design are born out of a diverse team that takes into account voices of all kinds — no matter if you’re male or female, because equality matters!

    Imagine the faces and gasping when we found out that only 5% of product designers in the UK are women 😨 With women incredibly underrepresented in the world of design, we are extremely proud that Meyer Labs has a strong group of women involved in designing Meyer cookware, from user research to product design, while working alongside a brilliant group of men!

    Check out what the talented ladies behind our brand have to say about working in a team that celebrates diversity and how they are injecting their personality into creating and designing cookware that you'll love.

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    MJ Truong
    The Synth Lover, Global Advisor: Product Innovation

    “Designers dream of the world around us, and 90% of that dreaming is done by men. We need a lot more women in design. Do it.”

    Josefa Cheang

    The Cat Mom, Innovation Specialist

    “To me, good design is always for people. People should always be in the centre of the spotlight and we need to be able to emphasize deeply with our users.”

    Jenny Chan
    The Colour Fanatic, Department Lead: Brand Creative and Strategy

    “The more variety of perspectives spark more creativity and ideas, and that in turn leads to better solutions.”

    Lini Ruban

    The Artist, UX Research and Innovation Specialist

    “I’d like to believe that I represent the voice of the user. I like to test and challenge every product from their perspective.”