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    Putting Together A Feast With Four Essential Cookware Pieces

    Putting Together A Feast With Four Essential Cookware Pieces

    Everyone needs a little pick-me-up in times like these. Staying at home means more time to explore the kitchen, and enjoying deliciously made home-cooked meals with your nearest and dearest should do the trick!

    Whether two’s a party or you’re cooking for a crowd, having a cookware set that covers all bases is crucial. That’s where our 6 Piece Spark Set comes in. We’ve put thoughtful design details on every piece of cookware that will warm your heart while its colorful exterior will certainly lift the vibe of the holiday season and your dinner table 😉

    Comforting dinner recipes everyone loves are the perfect way to bring family and friends together for a great meal. What is better than coming around the table, spending time together, and enjoying a meal that satisfies. These comforting recipes should make a regular appearance on the dinner table and with good reason. Here's some of them:

    The Chef’s Pan: When in doubt, opt for a roast

    Few dishes are as beloved as a crispy golden brown roast chicken. It’s a classic crowd-pleaser, which can be done in so many ways too. This roast chicken recipe from RecipeTin is doused in garlic herb lemon butter, making it rich and flavorful (Is anybody else drooling?!) and uses the most simple ingredients so you can make this with what you’ve got in your everyday pantry. Thanks to its large, round shape and nonstick surface, you can easily roast a whole chicken in our oven-safe Chef's Pan with only a lick of oil.

    The Saucepan: Soupy goodness to warm hearts

    There’s really nothing more comforting than a hot bowl of soup on a winter’s night with your loved ones. The folks at Delish have shared their spin on a classic tomato soup, making it more creamy and comforting. Throw in some vegetables like carrots and broccoli and just simmer away, or alternatively, add in a handful of tortellini for extra texture and heartiness. What better than our saucepan to help you; the size and nonstick surface of our saucepan makes it easy for the job. Its deep body lends well to holding more soup while its flared rim minimizes dripping so none of that hard work goes to waste!

    The Stockpot: A stew to keep those bellies full

    A generous pot of gumbo is especially hearty and comforting. Simple ingredients, rich flavors, and delectable goodness that will make everyone linger in the kitchen. Tastesbetterfromscratch’s gumbo recipe includes tips and tricks to achieve the perfect pot of yum. Our stockpot’s generous size is perfect to add in more of what you like, or when you’re hosting bigger parties. Plus its curved design prevents it from boiling over, otherwise, our set comes with a universal lid, so put a lid on it and let it stew away.

    The Frypan: Ending on a sweet note

    You can’t finish up a feast without dessert. Try an absolute crowd-pleaser like an apple pie — we’ve been drooling after King Arthur Flour’s flaky buttery version, which pairs well with vanilla bean ice cream. If you’re not a fan, there’s more you can do with our frypan, like a blackberry cobbler, or try a chocolate chip skillet cookie. Our frypan is deep, broad, and has a wide surface so you can make more of what you like!

    That’s just the beginning! With four pieces and two lids, the 6 Piece Spark Set is an all-rounder that can cook a four-course meal without a hitch. If you can’t wait, go check out our source of inspiration and see our colorful Spark set for more ideas, and show us what you’ve got!