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    The Accent Series Nonstick Saucier — It's more versatile than you think.

    The Accent Series Nonstick Saucier — It's more versatile than you think.

    Meet the saucier — it’s an unusual bit of kit not found in most typical home kitchens. We love it here in the Meyer kitchen, and boy, does it change things up! There are so many things we adore about the saucier but it’s not widely talked about so we’re here to enlighten you and bring glory to this piece of cookware. So, what is it and what’s special about it? The saucier marries the best of the saucepan and frypan, with similarities to both. It also has several distinctive features that make it a rightful item on its own (that’s why we’ve added it to our powerhouse Accent Series range)! From its rounded shape to the low and wide flared rim, it has a lot going for it and will quickly become your favourite pan in the kitchen, so let’s dive in.

    Round the bend

    The shape lends the saucier its uniqueness, with one of its best assets being its rounded body. This helps food stay in the centre of the pan, keeping it all cooking in the middle where the heat is supposed to be. Unlike a regular straight-sided saucepan, one of the saucier’s other biggest advantages is its curved side walls that prevent food from being stuck in the corners, so you can wave goodbye to fussy little leftover bits in the pan. Its sloping body also makes stirring and whisking effortless, while the deepness of the saucier helps hug the flavourful braising liquids high around your food, letting it simmer to perfection.

    The down low

    Ever almost get a minor burn when you have ingredients cooking? Steam burn is a real thing! To help with that, the saucier’s low and wide, flared opening is a godsend. When you put a saucepan and a saucier side by side, the walls of the saucier are significantly lower, letting steam out away from your hands, rather than channelling it up towards them like a stockpot does. Yep, no more having to race against time to move your hand out of the way!

    This is what dream dishes are made of

    Whipping up sauces is probably the first thing that comes to mind when using a saucier, but you’d be surprised that I have been able to cook a few mouth-watering dishes with this little handsome devil. Step into my kitchen and see what these dishes are!

    You can make the best scrambled eggs with the saucier (Yes, there are better cookware pieces out there to take your egg game to the next level than the frypan!). The secret is having a round shape that lets it flow and mix evenly during cooking, which ensures that all of the curds are cooked at a similar rate. If you appreciate the luxurious, creamy, velvety delicateness of softly scrambled eggs, you’re going to want to demote your skillet for the saucier.

    Making smooth and soft polenta at home is just as easy. Thanks to the low and wide, flared opening of the saucier, you no longer have to worry about getting burnt by the steam when it simmers and moves upwards like when cooking with a stockpot. Plus, the saucier lets you stir as much as the recipe requires without getting it stuck on the walls — we all know just how annoying it is to get bits stuck in the corners.

    We’ve found the cookware of our meatball dreams! The Lion’s head meatballs, a classic Shanghai dish, are absolutely glorious to make with the saucier. The deep, round side walls let the meatballs sit snugly in a little hot tub of deliciousness while the flavourful braising liquids hug high around them. For a size comparison, at 22cm across, it is the perfect for cooking 4-5 of these huge, scrumptious, long-simmered, fried pork meatballs in broth.

    There you have it, take the saucier for a spin and believe us, it’s love at first stir. Like all our other cookware pieces in the Accent range, the saucier also has our extra-thoughtful designs like our three layer nonstick finish that releases food superbly, aluminum construction that conducts heat brilliantly, super grippable handles for extra control, and a drip-free flared rim makes pouring liquids out an absolute breeze. It’s an absolute delight in the kitchen! Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

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